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Welcome to the website of The guide to architectural archives of the 19th and 20th century in the French Community of Belgium.

This guide is a directory to private and public archives, located in the Brussels Capital-Region and in the Walloon Region, that preserve architect’s archives or archives on architecture.

This directory is the result of a project that was made on the initiative of the Archival Department of l’ISACF - La Cambre and that was financed by The Cultural Ministry of the French Community.

This presentation section contains information on the directory project. There you’ll find the aims, the investigation areas, the methodology, the authors and the advisory committee of the project.

The Archival Directory section gives access on one hand to the index that contains the complete list of the different locations and on the other to the search index.

The Etat des lieux section contains information on the situation of architectural archives located within the French Community, the Brussels Capital-Region and the Walloon Region

For any suggestion, observation or complementary information you may contact the authors.

The News section gives a general survey of the most recent updates. This section does also list colloquiums, lectures, publications, exhibitions and texts on architectural archives in general and in particular in the French Community.

The Links section gives a general survey of websites on architectural archives in Belgium and in other countries. The Bibliography contains a list of publications on architectural archives. The Abbreviation section contains the complete name of the institutions that are quoted in the texts.

Dernière mise à jour : vendredi 14 décembre 2012.

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